About me

Hi, I’m Adam Stuckert,
a father, husband, scientist, photographer, and homebrewer.

My wife Molly and I at Machu Picchu, 2016

Why did I get into portrait photography?

Like many people, I started picking up my camera more and more to capture more of those early special moments of our son Isaac’s life. Please note that I didn’t do this for the first year of Isaac’s life because we were way too tired. Little dude didn’t sleep through the night until he was FOURTEEN months old. We still love him dearly though.

My son Isaac and I hiking in the White Mountains, New Hampshire

I want you to have memories of your special moments

Here are some of my favorite moments I’ve captured with my own family. They are the best. I wish I was in more images with them though.

What are the special moments you want to capture?

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I love being active

We do a family hike almost every weekend. Ever since the baby started walking these have been more like a snails paced meandering though.

Activity is an essential part of my life. Whether it is working out, family walks, hiking, or biking, I am frequently on the move.

My wife Molly looking for early spring breeding frogs with our son

I am a biologist by training

I am an eco-evolutionary and tropical biologist. I studied poison frogs for both my masters and doctoral degrees and I have done 6 field seasons in Panama and Peru.

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I also sell nature prints of my work.

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